Pleased endings: the the inner workings of medical sexology

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Ple­ased endings: the the inner wor­kings of medi­cal sexo­logy Lec­tu­rer in Sexo­logy and Post­gra­du­ate Course Coor­di­na­tor, Cur­tin Uni­ver­sity Disc­lo­sure sta­te­ment Matt Til­ley is an edu­ca­tio­nal within the Depart­ment of Sexo­logy at Cur­tin Uni­ver­sity, and ope­ra­tes prac­tice that is pri­vate a Cli­ni­cal Sexo­lo­gist and Cli­ni­cal Psy­cho­lo­gist. He’s a Direc­tor for the Society of Austra­lian Sexo­lo­gi­sts Ltd. […]