The Bible and Radiometric dating (the issue with Carbon 14 as well as other dating practices).

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The Bible and Radiometric dating (the issue with Carbon 14 as well as other dating practices).

Lots of people are under­ne­ath the miscon­cep­tion that car­bon dating demon­stra­tes that dino­saurs and other extinct pets lived sco­res of years back. Just what nume­rous don’t realize is the fact that car­bon rela­tion­ship is cer­ta­inly not fami­liar with date dino­saurs.

The reason why? Car­bon dating is just accu­rate right back a couple of tho­usand years. The­re­fore if bof­fins genu­inely believe that a cre­ature resi­ded mil­lions of years back, they will have to date it ano­ther method.

But there is the issue. They assume dino­saurs lived an incre­di­ble num­ber of years back (in the place of many tho­usands of years ago just like the bible cla­ims). They ignore evi­dence that will not fit their pre­con­ce­ived idea.

Just what would take place if a dino­saur bone tis­sue had been car­bon dated? — At Oak Ridge nation­wide Labo­ra­tory, bof­fins dated dino­saur bones uti­li­sing the car­bon method that is dating. Age they came ulti­ma­tely back with was just a couple of tho­usand yrs . old.

This date failed to fit the notion that is pre­con­ce­ived dino­saurs lived an incre­di­ble num­ber of years back. What exac­tly did they are doing? They tos­sed the total away­co­mes away. And kept their con­cept that dino­saurs lived “mil­lions of years ago” rather.

That is practice that is common.

Then they uti­lize potas­sium argon, or other tech­ni­ques, and date the fos­sils once again.

They are doing this seve­ral times, making use of a dating that is dif­fe­rent eve­ry­time. The out­co­mes is as much as 150 mil­lion years distinc­tive from one ano­ther! — how’s that for an “exact” science?

Then they find the date they like most use­ful, based on their pre­con­ce­ived idea of just how old their con­cept sta­tes the fos­sil sho­uld always be (based on the Geo­lo­gic column) .

So that they start with the presumption that dinosaurs lived scores of years back, manipulate the results then until they agree making use of their conclusion.

Their pre­sump­tions dic­tate their conc­lu­sions.

So just why can it be that when the date doesn’t fit the idea, they replace the facts?

Impar­tial tech­no­logy chan­ges the idea to guide the reality. They ought to maybe not replace the known facts to suit the idea.

A Dino­saur car­bon dated at 9,890 and 16,000 yrs old never sco­res of yrs . old like evo­lu­tio­ni­sts claim 

I’ve docu­ments of an Allo­sau­rus bone tis­sue that has been deli­ve­red to The Uni­ver­sity of Ari­zona become car­bon dated. The out­come had been 9,890 +/- 60 years and 16,120 +/- 220 years.

We did not let them know that the bones these people were dating were dino­saur bones. The effect ended up being sam­ple B at 16,120 years. The Allo­sau­rus dino­saur ended up being allo­wed to be aro­und 140,000,000 years. The exam­ples of bone tis­sue had been blind exam­ples.”

This test had been done on 10, 1990 august

Com­ment from an audience: “Of pro­gram car­bon rela­tion­ship is not likely to work with your Allo­sau­rus bone tis­sue. That tech­ni­que is just accu­rate to 40,000 years. If you car­bon date a mil­lions of years old fos­sil so I would expect to get some weird num­ber like 16,000 years. 16.000 years because of the real method con­ti­nues to be 10,000 years before your Jesus sup­po­se­dly cre­ated the world.” Amy M 12/11/01

My reac­tion: we give an expla­na­tion for restric­tions of Car­bon dating below. The one thing you sho­uld con­si­der tho­ugh, is how will you know it really is an incre­di­ble num­ber of years of age, pro­vi­ding an “incor­rect” date (one which you think is sim­ply too young) or if it is only some tho­usand years old.

So far as your com­men­tary that 16,000 years is over the age of whe­ne­ver Jesus deve­lo­ped the pla­net, we all know that there’s more car­bon into the atmo­sphere than there was cle­arly a lot of years back. So a date of 9,000 or 16,000 years is much more apt to be less. Possi­bly just 6,000 years of age.

30,000 12 mon­ths restric­tion to Car­bon dating 

Car­bon dating is a good rela­tion­ship device for many items that we under­stand the gene­ral date of. A thing that is 300 yrs . old as an exam­ple. Howe­ver it is not even close to an science that is exact. It really is back that is some­what accu­rate a few tho­usand years, but car­bon rela­tion­ship isn’t accu­rate past this. Thirty tho­usand years is mostly about the restric­tion. None­the­less, it doesn’t mean that the pla­net earth is 30 tho­usand yrs . old. It really is much more youth­ful than that. (1)

Due to the earth’s decre­asing magne­tic field, more radia­tion (which forms C14) is per­mit­ted to the atmo­sphere that is earth’s.

Wil­lard Libby (Decem­ber 17, 1908 – Sep­tem­ber 8, 1980) along with his peers disco­ve­red the means of radio­car­bon dating in 1949. Lib­bey knew that atmo­sphe­ric car­bon would achieve balance in 30,000 years. He belie­ved it was alre­ady at equ­ili­brium because he assu­med that the earth was mil­lions of years old. Never­the­less each right time they test that, they find more c14 into the envi­ron­ment, and possess reali­zed that people are only 1/3 the best way to balance. (1)

- exac­tly what does this mean? This means that pre­di­ca­ted on c14 deve­lop­ment, our pla­net has got to be signi­fi­can­tly less than 1/3 of 30,000 years old. This will make the pla­net not as much as 10,000 years of age! (1)

Car­bon dating is depen­dant on the assump­tion that the quan­tity of C14 into the envi­ron­ment has long been exac­tly the same. But there is howe­ver more car­bon within the atmo­sphere now than there was cle­arly 4 tho­usand years back. (1)

The amo­unt of car­bon still in a fos­sil, then the date given is not accu­rate since car­bon dating measu­res. Car­bon dating makes an ani­mal resi­ding 4 tho­usand years back (whe­ne­ver there is less car­bon that is atmo­sphe­ric may actu­ally have resi­ded a huge num­ber of years before it really did.

That which was the amo­unt that is ori­gi­nal of in the envi­ron­ment?

A great book on the flaws of dating tech­ni­ques is “Radio­iso­to­pes as well as the chro­ni­lo­gi­cal age of our pla­net” (edi­ted by Larry Var­di­man, Andrew Snel­ling, Eugene F. Chaf­fin. Posted by Insti­tute for Cre­ation ana­ly­sis; Decem­ber 2000)

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