Pittsburgh Rivers Casino Accused of Racist Policies

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Pittsburgh Rivers Casino Accused of Racist Policies

Some con­sti­tu­ents are unhappy in what they per­ce­ive become racist poli­cies at Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino

The stre­ams Casino in Pit­ts­burgh is not the sort of casino that always makes headli­nes. But one poli­ti­cian that is local con­cer­ned that the casino has recen­tly put poli­cies into place that show an ugly pat­tern one that might, in reality, be discri­mi­na­tory towards black colo­red patrons.

Ear­lier this month, an Alle­gheny County coun­cil­wo­man cal­led Amanda Green Haw­kins wrote a let­ter to the casino’s gene­ral mana­ger. In the page, she asked a poin­ted question about why seve­ral events that seemed to be aimed at the local Afri­can-Ame­ri­can com­mu­nity have been ter­mi­na­ted, put thro­ugh higher pri­cing, or faced other une­qual con­di­tions.

Accor­ding to Coun­cil­wo­man Haw­kins, a pat­tern is fol­lo­wed by the let­ter of reports she rece­ived from her con­sti­tu­ents.

Possibly Racist Policies Questioned

There have been alle­ga­tions of com­pe­ti­tion discri­mi­na­tion,’ Haw­kins sta­ted. ‘Con­sti­tu­ents have actu­ally cal­led me or writ­ten me ema­ils about things they royal vegas casino canada will have seen going on [at Rivers Casino] that they state are sim­ply racism.’

There have been seve­ral exam­ples in pre­sent mon­ths that promp­ted the let­ter. Into the page, Haw­kins high­li­gh­ted an event held month that is last a black motor­cycle club cal­led the Pit­ts­burgh Ruff Ryders. The casino disco­ve­red that the event was over­crow­ding the cer­tain area it had been held in, and so shut the event down early. Howe­ver, there were questions about why the casino don’t try taking other measu­res instead, such as clo­sing the doors and not allo­wing any more visi­tors in the loca­tion.

While that one case on its own might sug­gest lit­tle, Haw­kins belie­ved that it was part of a pat­tern of beha­vior from the casino that was being repor­ted to her from site visi­tors. As an exam­ple, Omega Psi Phi a histo­ri­cally black fra­ter­nity ended up being char­ged $15,000 a year ago to host an event in the casino’s bal­l­room, which was far more com­pa­red to the fee nor­mally char­ged to use that venue.

In addi­tion, the casino has recen­tly power down many events that have been under­stood become popu­lar with the black com­mu­nity. Boxing mat­ches and cove­rage of such mat­ches at casino pubs are not any lon­ger found there. Mean­while, a popu­lar pro­mo­tion known as ‘Casino Royal Nights,’ orga­ni­zed by Afri­can-Ame­ri­can pro­mo­ter Jay Legacy at the casino’s Drum Bar, has addi­tio­nally been shut down.

In effect, the casino will not con­duct or hold any event that attracts or caters up to a large Afri­can-Ame­ri­can mar­ket,’ Haw­kins com­po­sed.

Casino Ready to Respond

Inte­re­stin­gly, the casino it self took a soft line whe­ne­ver respon­ding to the accu­sa­tions. While basic mana­ger Craig Clark hasn’t com­men­ted on the story, casino spo­ke­sman Jack Hor­ner told the Pit­ts­burgh Post-Gazette that they would be happy to go over the issue using the coun­cil­wo­man.

Rivers Casino alre­ady has reached out to Coun­cil­wo­man Haw­kins’ office to sche­dule a indi­vi­dual meeting with our gene­ral mana­ger, to deal with any misun­der­stan­ding, and to cor­rect the record,’ Hor­ner said.

If the alle­ga­tions turn out to be accu­rate, the casino could be found in vio­la­tion of laws regar­ding discri­mi­na­tion, tho­ugh it is too early to say just exac­tly how severe any poten­tial puni­sh­ment might be.

The Rivers Casino was ope­ned in 2009. The casino sits along­side the Ohio River, beside the Car­ne­gie Science Cen­ter. Along with 3,000 slots which have been on the casino flo­oring because the Rivers’ launch, the casino now featu­res over 100 table games, which were put into the casino in 2010.

Filipino Billionaire Enrique Razon Wishes to Simply Take Casino Empire Global

Bil­lio­na­ire port magnate Enri­que Razon wants to take a gam­ble on expan­sion

Fili­pino bil­lio­na­ire Enri­que Razon comes from a house­hold that built a com­pany that is port Southe­ast Asia, even­tu­ally beco­ming one of the big­gest such cor­po­ra­tions into the area. Now, Razon is looking for to accom­plish a simi­lar with his casino ven­tu­res.

Razon are the owners of Blo­om­berry Resorts, com­pany that ope­ra­tes a $1.2 bil­lion casino resort known as Sola­ire in Manila. Sola­ire was given one of four licen­ses for casino tasks in Manila as part of an effort to give the Phi­lip­pi­nes a gam­bling hub that could take on Macau and Sin­ga­pore.

Looking at Macau and Latin America

But Razon is looking to expand their casino busi­ness much like how he took their family’s small ports ope­ra­tion and tur­ned it right into a ope­ra­tion that is worl­dwide. He’s got alre­ady expres­sed an inte­rest in moving into mar­kets inc­lu­ding Latin Ame­rica and also the mar­ket that is big­gest of these all: Macau. While the lat­ter pro­ba­bly can’t hap­pen instan­tly, Razon hopes that whe­ne­ver cur­rent licen­ses start to expire in Macau in 2020, the govern­ment there’ll open the mar­ket­place to new entrants.

We just have to build the brand,’ Razon said.

This is not the time that is first Razon family has been part of the casino indu­stry. Many years, ago, Enrique’s daddy had been sec­tion of a ven­ture with Macau casino magnate Stan­ley Ho that ope­ra­ted a casino that is flo­ating Manila. But he left that ven­ture, allo­wing the gro­uped family to focus exc­lu­si­vely on the ports busi­ness.

While Razon’s Sola­ire could be a suc­cess, there’s never­the­less lots of skep­ti­cism over whe­ther he’ll have the abi­lity to trans­late that into an inter­na­tio­nal casino brand name.

Expansion Competition

’ He will have har­der time expan­ding their casino ven­tu­res over­seas,’ said stra­te­gist Alex Pomento. ‘Mr. Razon’s exper­tise is with ports, a con­ti­nu­ing com­pany which inc­lu­des no cor­re­la­tion with video gaming.’

And in addi­tion, Razon disa­grees. He points out that Sola­ire has drawn a large num­ber of VIP and high-sta­kes gam­blers, suf­fi­cient that 30 so-cal­led jun­ket ope­ra­tors have deci­ded to work with the casino. Those com­pa­nies offer cre­dit and arrange trips for Chi­nese and Asian gam­blers who wish to make visits to casi­nos that are over­seas.

Razon addi­tio­nally belie­ves that his ports busi­ness can really give him a leg up in cer­tain mar­kets espe­cially in Latin Ame­rica.

we have the advan­tage there because we are the port ope­ra­tor that is big­gest there. We know the land­scape,’ he said.

Of course, Razon will face a good amo­unt of com­pe­ti­tion as he tries to push his fled­gling casino brand. In Macau, he’ll face resi­stance from foun­ded brands, both dome­stic and fore­ign, inc­lu­ding Sands and Wynn. Even into the Phi­lip­pi­nes, seve­ral other ope­ra­tors will be con­ten­ding for influ­ence, inc­lu­ding tycoon Henry Sy, whom has part­ne­red with Melco Crown to open a $1.3 bil­lion casino com­plex in 2014. How effec­tive Razon are at moving towards the top of the local mar­ket could deter­mine whe­ther inter­na­tio­nal expan­sion is in the cards.

The Razon house­hold is most bene­fi­cial known for his or her owner­ship of Inter­na­tio­nal Con­ta­iner Ter­mi­nal Servi­ces, busi­ness that Enri­que and his father began in 1987. Today, the busi­ness (known as ICTSI) is the Phi­lip­pi­nes’ lar­gest ports ope­ra­tor and also runs in Asia, Argen­tina and Colom­bia.

Scottish Soccer Player Ian Black Accused of Betting Against Personal Team

Scot­tish soc­cer player Ian Black could face sanc­tions and worse for sports bets aga­inst his own team

In regards to to the rules of con­duct for play­ers and coaches in sports, there is nothing taken more serio­usly than gam­bling. You can realize why: while other hot issues in sports such as per­for­mance enhan­cing drugs may offer some play­ers an advan­tage that is unfair they do not replace the fun­da­men­tal com­pe­ti­tion using place on the field. When play­ers and coaches gam­ble in the games, on the other side, the legi­ti­macy of the com­pe­ti­tion it self is tos­sed into question.

Made Bets His Team Would Lose

That’s why alle­ga­tions appe­aring out of Sco­tland this are being taken so serio­usly week. The Scot­tish Foot­ball Asso­cia­tion the body that is gover­ning soc­cer in that nation is accu­sing player Ian Black of wage­ring on mat­ches by him­self team on many occa­sions over the past seven years. Worse still, in at least three of those cir­cum­stan­ces, he could be accu­sed of bet­ting that his very own group would lose.

To be clear, Black just isn’t being accu­sed of wan­ting to fix the games he played in. Even into the games in which he bet aga­inst his team that is own SFA doesn’t think he tried to gain by play­ing badly or else incre­asing the chance of his team losing.

But that does not sug­gest that the 28-year-old mid­fiel­der, who pre­sen­tly plays for the Glas­gow Ran­gers, would not face serious puni­sh­ments for his bet­ting habits. Due to the 13 times he bet on or aga­inst his own team, along with 147 other bets he made on mat­ches he didn’t be a part of, Black could face an excel­lent of up to $1.3 mil­lion.

Violated Anti-Gambling Rules

In making these bets, Black vio­la­ted an anti-gam­bling rule disci­pli­nary rule 22 that is regar­ding the books thro­ughout his career, which span­ned his time at Hearts, Inver­ness, and now with the Ran­gers. The rule sta­tes that ‘no club, for­mal, team offi­cial or other mem­ber of team staff, player, match offi­cial or other indi­vi­dual under­ne­ath the juris­dic­tion of the Scot­tish FA shall bet in any way for a soc­cer match.’ While there are excep­tions for seve­ral autho­ri­zed ‘foot­ball pools,’ the ban extends to all foot­ball mat­ches any place in the entire world and thus Black would be facing puni­sh­ment even if he hadn’t bet on his own team.

Howe­ver, the bets on his team that is own do the possi­bi­lity of even har­sher puni­sh­ments for Black. Based on the SFA, Black could face a suspen­sion sys­tem in addi­tion to his fine, and he could poten­tially even rece­ive a life­time ban from play­ing soc­cer.

Black has recen­tly had a career that is long clubs in Sco­tland, star­ting with a 132-game stint at Inver­ness from 2004 to 2009. He then relo­ca­ted to the favo­urite club of his youth, Hearts, for 3 years before joining Ran­gers last year. Black has addi­tio­nally played one game for Scotland’s natio­nal group, coming in as an alter­na­tive in a frien­dly aga­inst Austra­lia. Black’s house­hold featu­res a long history of play­ing soc­cer, as his daddy was a player that is pro­fes­sio­nal well, play­ing for both Hearts and Hiber­nian.

This is not the time that is first Black has made headli­nes for off-the-field acti­vi­ties. In 2011, he and a team­mate had been arre­sted and char­ged with drug con­trol at an Edin­burgh night club, tho­ugh the situ­ation as since been dismis­sed. Later that year, when Hearts was strug­gling to pay player sala­ries for a small amo­unt of time, he was said to have taken up a part-time task as being a pain­ter and deco­ra­tor to pay his bills.

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